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Hearing Not Listening

by Dazed

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Comes in a 6-panel Digipak, printed on recycled cardboard. Dazed cares about the trees! Features full-colour artwork as well as full credits. The CD includes the bonus track 'Chrome Horse", produced by Kharnivor.

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“And I don’t need more to blind me; my vision’s so unsightly, I’m sick of all the bullshit; it’s time to go out fighting.”

‘Hearing Not Listening’ is the latest solo release from DFTC producer, DJ and MC, Dazed, dropping on 12 inch vinyl, CD, and digital format on September 20, 2012.

The album reveals a reflective honesty often lost in today’s bipolar and fragmented local scene. A true head dedicated to pure, hard hitting hip hop, Dazed delivers stories of his past with raw sincerity, straight up battle raps with support from a range of guests and original sounds that don’t just aim for your Hottest 100 list.

Featuring production from Discourse, WIK, Realizm, Ante Esco and Ciecmate; and guest verses from the DFTC and Centre Left crews as well as Baptist and Rezadent ‘Hearing Not Listening’ is genuine hip hop from a genuine local artist bringing the goods.

“It’s a part of me, as much as my girl and my family, Hip Hop is my therapy from mundane and insanity.”


released September 20, 2012

All tracks recorded by Dazed @ Spare Room Studios (except where noted)
Sinks recorded by Biko @ Fatmommas Project
Centre Left recorded by Nato & Invada Zee @ Nucleus Studios
Additional FX & Programming by Geko
All tracks mixed by Geko @ Crate Cartel HQ
Mastered by L-ROX @ Redsecta
Photography, artwork & design by Talia Claire

Force, Mol One, Sinks & Sparts appear courtesy of Down For The Count Records
Baptist appears courtesy of himself
Pompei & Centre Left appear courtesy of Nucleus Studios
Rezadent appears courtesy of Change The Tape
2BUCK appears courtesy of LookUP/Basic Equipment

Made in Australia

DFTC08 © Down For The Count Records
All rights reserved.
Unauthorised reproduction of this recording is an offence. Support good music.



all rights reserved


Dazed Melbourne, Australia

I make people sound good.

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Track Name: The Lesson (Produced by Ante Esco)
Cause and effect, pause and reflect
The sound of how rawkus it gets
I formed a set to serve, your orders are less
Form is the best at the present, threw my past away
Stranded like in Cast Away, but I'm the one who has the last laugh today
Raised on Raiders and the Cannons when they ran shit
Bounced, couldn't handle it, time to find the manuscript
Changed lanes, enter Sydney
Brain in a smoke cloud, profound, waking up tipsy
Cold world when you're chillin with ice heads
Clouds of dust, clouds of mis-trust and fights bled
Jacked wax, and jacked friends, welcome to the Crack House
Days turned to night and then to days, time to black-out
Time to straight the facts out, my own path
Tainted with a broken heart, nose dived, hoping for a focused start
Drown in ink, watch the pen drip
Friends were lost, a better cost?
Peep the ascension, The Lesson.

Yeah the saga begins
Maxed out play the track while we're twisting your limb
I don't roll with crims, I roll with the punches
Some play the field dumb
Dazed1 will bum-rush your functions, son

(Repeat chorus)

Stone sober, lived like a stoner
Clean in a field of dreams
Hit for 6, no more a no hoper
Still dope on track though, Rested in SYN and just awoke from the coma
Life line on Soundwave, cue the vibrations
Never hesitate with my dreams - I was sick of waiting
Old friends sit with no patience, and watch the world buy
I watch the world turn, balanced with my third eye
Wrecked a stage as D&F that's in the past though
Flawlezz still fam and in my heart bro
Cue the catalyst, cue the battle shit
Dudes sunk like battle ships
These dudes aren't talented full stop
Focused on their fan page and tweet game then writing raps
Used to fight in packs can't hold their own, fade to mediocracy.
It's to joke to see what hip hop has been
To see the scene now with kids who don't respect the art properly

Yeah the saga begins
Maxed out play the track while we're twisting your limb
I don't roll with crims, I roll with the punches
Some play the field dumb
Dazed1 will bum-rush your functions, son

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah the saga begins
Backpack with a hoody and Timbs
Or Maxed out play the track while we're twisting your limbs
I don't roll with crims, I roll with the punches
Some play the field dumb Dazed1 will bum-rush your functions, son
Gettin buckwild on track while the ciders drunk
While cyber punks slump and bitch and moan to another one
About the state the scenes in…
I aint a new jack I been around the place man so trust me, I seen things
I payed dues these cats were fucking round in high school
I learnt where we've come from to me the past is vital
While these clowns deserve beat down
They think they're on some new shit listen here and take a seat now
I Bruce banner these cats who think they're street smart
A bunch of retards talking shit but they're sweethearts
And walkin' round these parts won't do much with that talk
Smack tracks like addicts on the catwalk

Yeah the saga begins
Maxed out play the track while we're twisting your limb
I don't roll with crims, I roll with the punches
Some play the field dumb
Dazed1 will bum-rush your functions, son

(Repeat chorus)
Track Name: Social Narcotics (WIK Remix)
(Cut Chorus)

All I hear is voices questioning the choices in this life I live
With no vice to expel the ill thoughts I give
What's right to me is wrong for someone else, a case of opposites
Reaching for the stars while I'm in hell
The stage was set
Never need a dose of Percoset
Fumbling a nervous wreck
Hard to please breathe with clogged arteries
My soul cold with a North Face vest
But I ain't done yet
I'm running to the sun for the fun of it
Lonely streets, lonely beats, a heart empty
Gone afar off the beaten track my past problems plenty
Fade to black
I was saved the day I slayed a track
Praise to rap for saving Zac
Forsaking all the lame attacks I raged I pushed pen to page and gave away my soul for free
Rocked shows and opening for favourite acts
Beats sold for fees
It's a part of me as much as my girl and family
Hip-hop my therapy from mundane and insanity

(Cut Chorus)

This is for the kings
Much respect to those that paved the way
Tuning into Ro's 'Holy calamity' tunes to blow my pay away
local voice got me hooked
Mobb shook me years before
Torture skits, backpacks, yeah I was a Rawkus kid
Learning how to 6 step in Sammy's garage
Funk Flex on the mix tip and bumping in cars
COK 2 Art of War told the world to bring it on
Rid the inner demons turn the beat up and the heat is on
Self medicated, 30 bucks a pop, cop the 12 too
Now with double stock, waiting for another drop
Raid the crates, search for that ill stab and dope sound
$1 bins made beats on Fruity Loops
Nearly bought an SP instead copped the MP
Bang pads and chop till the crate's empty
Day to day write plenty
Bustin tags on my note pad, flow better than I used to
Still remember buggin' out listening to Juice Crew

(Cut Chorus)

Yo I'm Nas on Verbal Intercourse
Ghost on Criminology
Rest in peace Soul Clap, why get rid of Ology?
Lansdowne on Thursdays Back2Basics, Fresh Meat
Record fairs in Glebe find a sample for that fresh beat
Yo I'm as Hip-hop as KRS
Making pause tapes on the tape decks loaded up my Walkman for the long haul
To me it's all natural
Living life without this to me just really doesn't seem practical
Gained a few friends, lost a few too
Learnt from mistakes, searched for breaks, really saw how music's beautiful
Rep my crew. Stages? Yeah I wrecked a few
Know the ledge brains never overfed with with lessons through this constant elevation
This life tests my patience
Top to bottom whole cars get me geed up at the station
I bomb automatically Socrates philosophies and hypothesise can't define how I be droppin' these

WIK on production

(Cut Chorus)
Track Name: Hearing Not Listening (Produced by Discourse)
Fighting thoughts with dirty weaponry the world in my palm
Soldiers at arm - Strike! And the nervousness calmed
Alarm sound off the air raid, brigade smash the trenches
The competition is defenceless
I'm just a man part of the bigger picture, trying to understand
I can count all of my friends with one hand
And I don't need more to blind me, my vision's so unsightly
I'm sick of all the bullshit, it's time to go out fighting
And rightly so, I kick it with the highest flow
Lungs corrupt from years of smoke my mind's behind the lighting show
Hiding from the truth or you could say lack of experience
It's time to face reality, shit's about to blow
From the days dazed bent putting shit up in my nose
Chopping sticks up for a quick fix the damage starts to show
So I left it all behind, try to clear and pace my state of mind
Rhymes formed a base t start - a therapy of mine
I still walk like there's land minds, my thoughts still stay hesitant
I do this shit for life until the day that I am heaven sent
I never rest cos sleep's the cousin of death
Eyes wide shut, pen to pad for numbing the stress
Head's a mess and my heart was, I'm gunning this test
Define best? Well I'm trying but I'm running FX
I'm blessed, but it seems that sometimes I forget
Weight of the world, getting cold and the succumbing effects.

(Cut Chorus)

I walk right, my head's left, cue the danger
Fused with pocket full on dred pass a stranger
Zoned, cast a shadow onto fallen hope
This, the place I call home, wish upon a star watch the plot unfold
Find the pot a gold, living with a blurred view
Scheme's grand, scoping on these plans
Staring at my wrist watch, imes ticking faster
Drowning in the sand watch the plans go I'm flirting with disaster
A change to come, I played the sums was the answer right?
Heart of ice, parted vice sitting in a cold room
Prisoner of doom and prisoner of society
I judge wisely, city lights blind me
Empty streets, broken homes, nightmares in foil
Broken hose, head numb so you're dumb to see the turmoil
Ghost in a shell, hell spares none for no one
My soul's done, a scarecrow
Watching as the crows come

(Cut Chorus)

My mind's locked between a rock a hard place with not much to give
Breathing space grows small as well as luck to live
Lust the luxury to bust free from chains that hold hope
A frame of brain states controlled by dope once hung in this crooked house
I'm done now and took it out
Remnants and past tenants snarl with a crooked mouth
Is this paradise or hell?
I'm down to my last buck it's fucked ain't got much to sell
Wash the memories with bleach to a state's that pure
A clean slate for the weight and the fate endured
I'll raise hell like it's my own seed until I get my mind right
I'll shine bright and step into the stage and the limelight
The clouds form, cue the calm before the storm
Warn the masses for the flash when the page is torn...
This is where the rage is born
Arrange pain in the same vain till fame is worn
Track Name: Three Strikes feat. Pompei & Sparts (Produced by Dazed)
I got an itchy trigger finger but it never go pop
So I'll Taze ya, Mase spray like gritty Syn City cops
I'm plotting tossing a Molotov at 'em often
Burning the Broccoli up rocking your rocks off
This shit is precision, perfect division of vision
And Freddy Hollows writtens couldn't give a description
I'm off the charts when they measure my mark
They die in my pass, I'm something like the Khyber Pass
Title vast like a whole train, 8 car smashed
Back to back, each letter in caps
That's Pompei, dash, MJ, dash Panache in the place
Living large under the flight path
Find my crib by tracing the fly shit
That little bit of spittle that dribbled out the side of my lip, but
I try save it all for one-time
Like peep game bitch, here's a piece of my mind, right
Get around while they keep in in line, lights
Flashing like a fashion show, posing for the crowd
True Skiller guillotine, kill a Philistine
Fill a fiend, too real, red over blue pill
That's two reels of simultaneous film
Get payed, get played, mind frame like a still
Now picture that, if you wanna pitch it back
Catch the flow? Lend me your ear like Van Gough

(Cut Chorus)

DFTC, Grand Architecture
Stand our ground in the mist, now you understand
The whole unit combines with their arms
Chain linked like a protest, no way out of it. Uh
Blood shed from our palms, check the ransom
Honour like a code of the past, now abandoned
We move on you like ghosts in the dark,
Shells empty. Collateral, reaching the marksman
Event horizon, alive with the fire, we don’t buy it
Yeah, you’re trying too hard
Lambs become Lions for those now departed
Omerta is burning, wings of the martyrs
Uh. Don’t fuck with a virus. We move like a germ
Grab your soul through the hole in your iris
Psych in your mind, Skull and Bone pirates
See it in finality, we’re more like science
And who’s liver, without being seen?
Still walk in the shadow-line, no way back in time
Still scrape for a penny, and your thoughts
Try to tell me otherwise. Still stay the course
I’m kinda like that. Fight back. Cake. Cut the portions
The force of a Stormin’ Norman
Orbit, right round your head til’ you’re dead
With the cord all disordered. Four in the morning

(Cut Chorus)

(Vocal sample)

The only panels I've smashed are my tossed, old Supreme caps
Drugged up in younger years so welcome to the relapse
Schemes grand as long my beat bangs
Street gangs who speak twangs, preach slang, reach for the beast - blam
I'm on another plane
Hit hard like Hurricanes
Another level like bunk beds, drums with funk bled
Drips like Krink stains, insane on the brink mayne
9 to 5 got me hesitiating
Frame without the painting
Rain hits the pavement
Brain ticks, it's payday I'm still waiting - rage on a freight train
ACG and my North Face hooded up
'87s laced loose, wasted with the Grey Goose
Fresh dressed and best kept from head to toe
Friend or foe? Better flow? Dazed will be better, so
I used to crush raw, now I lust for bucks more
Jet-set, never wrecked cassette decks, wrecked up your mp3 and CD
My mother said this wasn't easy
The game's changed and it's cheesy - I'm lactose
10 years later here's the long play
Dazed, Sparts and Pompei, wasted in the booth sippin' Bombay
Inner west to the north of the 'Burn
Wreck sabbaticals, it's our time so when will these faggots learn?
The 4th letter, 1, 26, 5, 4 run shit
DFTC from the psych ward
Track Name: Triumph feat. Baptist, Centa Left, DFTC & Rezadent (Produced by Ciecmate)
(Invada Zee)
Call him Thor, crawlin' ou the cryogenics door
Hammer in his claw 'n' a manner bring the war
Adamantium Skeletor, cella dwella sort
Sell a fella Gelignite with Heroin to snort
Sumerian I walk through a time warp parryin'
Clarity for eyesores my sword bury 'em
Then carry Maid Marrian for the marryin'
But all she want is Snow White like the Aryans

Dope right? Trafficking amphetamine
My drive like a motor cycle club peddling, better
Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell a telephone
Tell a telepath like you already know, Hoe
One String, two cups for your earloves
Ya gonna need a teleport to get 'em to hear, yo
Stepped through the Star Gate at age two
Now I pull apart a page at a phrase and blaze through (Centre Left)

Hey man! Get out of my way man
Words straight out the dirt we're some soon to be Made Men
Play jams, when we're heavenly toasted
We can (can) will (will) leave you in hypnosis
Trying to step, don't get too close kid
Got to protect your neck and go for death (yeah no shit)
Predict the patterns of the future increments, well
I'm the car to kill a rat while his whole click witnesses

Here come the Grand yo, laced with a little bit of weed
Hungry motherfucker - grown to supersede
Centipede swagger steez yo, with many legs to stand on
I feed tear MC's with these teeth like a Rancor
Rip both of your hands off, eat like an animal
Don't see me as admirable, I finish off your family too
Have you seen my family lose? We yearnin' for the power
Renowned ta take over this city Trump Towers

Sonic gutter flutter, DFTC ruckus, no stutter
Bled blue, utter nudda, the rudders are cutters
Numbers are runners, sykes syked sick, six under
No avoiding the thunder, we hoarding the plunder
Boarding your residence, sorting through evidence
Convicted for your petulance, now receiving sentencing
Like meddling with a Medllin (medi-in), no way to win
Now carry the bags you be buried in (bitch)

(Nexus P)
Bitch please! Dick slap the shit out a prick tease
The sick feed - eat diseased bush and spit seeds
Till my lips bleed, bleed bits of mixed trees
Breathe deep thick green wreathes in sixteens (Centre Left)
Drippin' with wisdom and ink streaks
Leave a deep crease on big bears with linked speech
Unleash beasts - with mothers and kids sleep
Keep killin' shit street like gutters and split teeth... Nex P

This is Sparta, DFTC, we’re the martyrs
An industry shakedown, rates now
Primetime media, feeding like Great whites
Yin to your Yang we’re the darkness to your daylight
So fuck your daytime, droning mentality
Work eight hours for a pot pissing salary?
Uh. That’s no balance,
See the world through its scapegoats
Rich tick the box, with a Fox shock jock, fucking what
Man, stop your drama, the hundreds disarming these Lamas
Chinese burn, Middle Kingdom with a vision
Scream like a victim, So that’s what we’re on about
See my mineral wealth go offshore for a dollar now
My Pig Iron, surviving the violence, primed for a riot
Bullets come back now, right like they’re flying

My firsts are bloodied up and scuffed after past events
Lines combat react like raps last defence
Archangel with a Sabre make a playa repent
You push 'em yesterday rappers they just a past tense
A massive shake up when I'm housin' the words
Plus these suckas take offence like drunk drivers mountin' the curb
Verse is preserved and hardly move in my diaphragm
Only 8 lines devised but every one is a diagram

Getting gully I'm summoning raps
Some are in traps and some are living in the summit of black
In and out of the well again im a predicate orwellian
Elegant fella with a hell of a dark sentiment
Get 'em in a minute and dead 'em who let the devil in
You are like a sedative I'm a shot of a adrenalin
Who is really ready to ready the deadly cavalry
Cos when I fire lyrics I'm shattering their anatomny
Monsoon rains you fickle and pitter patterin
Erasin' matter I never wanted to only rattle 'em
Baddest attitude and the shortest of short fuse
Fuck one on one shit im coming for whole crews
DFTC! The name a get the streets red
Street breed legends who never knowing a compromise
Sense and smell fear and see it up in their troubled eyes
Lookin for some drama lets see how quickly the ego dies

Regal lies, kings talk, Jesters in this court
Cant believe a single word or even a fucken thought
Over sought and compensated
People looking elated at lyrics that are faded
While im dominating the matrix
I ladle the broth to the peasants who want more
You want more, what the fuck you think I do this for?
Judas raw, hang me from the cross with a hammer squire
Burn in fire rise again with a mic a phoenix flyer
Perched on the tower top watching the fucken city rot
Waiting for the right time to swoop in and let em drop
Now we back on top, cause the hand is high
And im going all in to mine with the parchment I scribed
Looking to pry and open up the locks of ya mind
With the call from Dazed, let em have it, let it fucken fly
Open the skies and let it reign forth on the masses
It's the ending, apocalyptic clashes

(Mol One)
Ya deaded, what else needs to be said?
Nothing more nothing less 8 bars full'a lead
Try now to impress without arrogance
You can follow the follower and copy what the parrot says
Apparent heads hold flames to credibility
Injustice amongst us and its killing me
But if I go down you go down too
Murderous sound like Snowtown now rope that noose

It's that war correspondent. Dirty up the Middle East
Superthug, Noreaga in the Phillipines
Manual, survival. Shot to camera
Cut back, studio life, you lack stamina
I'm your man at the scene, saying it first
Never in it for the Monet, I paint it with words
Let 'em observe the night raids, give 'em the night rays
Leave 'em all green when I deliver this hype phrase
Dawn breaks and I'm downing verbal effigies
Glorifying the past worst than a bad memory
I'm a new breed, choking journalism
Talking for myself and I'm smart enough to listen
All the chitter chatter, did was flatter a little badder
Staying out the game be the biggest benefactor
Hang a verse round ya neck like an heirloom
Guest spot killer living innards in the Spare Room

Keep it tight like Huarache kicks, my style's sick
Violent, enticing, you bite like Mike Tyson
I'm Don King, you feather-weights go back where you came from
Cut from the same cloth, I'm Bison - insane boss
Many complained about the state of things
We pressed wax on first release but aren't judged a label, so what's beef?
I'll bring the ruckas 'till the cows come home
DFTC's the team, it seems I've found my zone
Burn City we the sinister, right to the arm
Cause a vision with the lyricism, vengeance is calm
I read in psalms, I hate the scene like LC on their first drop
Heard your verse, the worse
Sounded better when your verse stopped
Fuck Digital Blues, here's a digital bruise
We rep an era where the physical's true
So how the fuck you cop doubles of an mp3?
I put your music in the trash and now your folder is empty